Nikki Sexx Quick Facts

Alias: Nikki Sex, Nikki Sexxx
Date of Birth: 3/1/1983
Home Town: Southern California, USA
Measurements: 36DD-26-42
Height: 5’9
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue

Nikki Sexx Biography

Nikki Sexx was born in Southern California in 1983 and she made her adult industry debut in 2008 when she was 25 years old. During her first year in the industry, Nikki starred in quite a few adult films that fell in to various niches including internal, big asses, POV, busty and hand jobs.

Nikki Sexx has a huge fan base who love this kinky babe for many reasons including those humongous titties of hers! Nikki currently has her left nostril, navel, clitoris hood and her pierced. Nikki also has numerous tattoos including a butterfly with a crown on her right shoulder blade, a monkey with a party hat on her inner right ankle and a tattoo on her upper right thigh.

During her adult career Nikki Sexx has worked with a huge range of adult production studios including Digital Sin, Lethal Hardcore, Elegant Angel and Hustler.

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  1. dozie says:

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  2. matt says:

    omg. she is my favorite pornstar…
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  3. neno says:

    lets put my big dick in you…

  4. Junior says:

    Hey , I am a new fan , was wondering about a clip I seen , where Nikki is Massaged by a Japanese man .
    It had Asian subtitles and was censored , is there a name of this video or site , also is there a uncensored version ?
    Thanks for any help on this .

  5. ralph ayers says:

    You’re the best EVER NIKKI,please make them STOP putting music too your videos,i love hearing you say..FUCK.

  6. Freddie Holdsworth says:

    Hi Nikki! I am your news fan from England. You are best in the United States of America. You are the most pretty, cute and beautiful woman in the whole wide world. You are the sweetest adult actress in town.

  7. Sami Rahman says:

    Hey nikki sexx, im not going to start this off with a lie and say ive been a fan for ages but i am a true fan. I discovered you while you were part of a documentary for channel 4 in the uk called date my pornstar. Ever since I seen you on that show i have been in love with you. I love the fact that you are so humble. Your also amazing as what you do. Nikki ive been going crazy for these past few months, ive been watching your videos and only yours to satisfy my needs. I love you so much and your the only porn star that turns me on. I love your body, i believe its the best body in the industry. I dream that one day maybe that you will show me ur skills but hey, a guy can dream. I haven’t watched any other actress besides you for a few months now. I would love to meet you but i doubt that will ever happen. If you do sell any sex toys please send some my way. That way i could say i had sex with nikki sex. You have the best talent in this business and I love you so much. Your just perfect nikki and i would love to hear back from you. Ps id love to have you because your everything i desire. You torn me on so much

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